Apr 18, 2017


Dress from Mango - Mules from ZARA

Shoes from H&M - Culottes was thrifted - Sweater from TOPSHOP

Bodysuit from H&M - Moms were thrifted 

Heels from ZARA - Culottes and Turtleneck were thrifted

I noticed that when you live in an urban city like Istanbul, you easily forget how much you actually stay away from the nature. So when I took a trip to the south I was amazed how beautiful this country really is. We took a ride through the mountains to the village where I am actually from (where my roots are from) and it was a nice relief from the stress that I'm usually suffering from here in the big city. 
I'm sure some of you guys can relate to me.. Enjoy the week folks!

Apr 10, 2017

Stolen Moments

Wearing: Heels from H&M - Trousers from KOTON - Bodysuit from ZARA
Bodysuits are another favorite of mine for this year. The best part of it is that one can layer over it. So for the colder days I would recommend wearing a shirt, cardigan, sweater etc. with it. The problems with bodysuits can be that they can look easily too revealing, so you need to find a balance with it.. as in my today's post I am wearing it with some loose trousers. 

New video is going to be up very soon.
Hope you all had a lovely week-end.

Apr 7, 2017

Mules Obsession

Mules from ZARA - Belt from MANGO - Jeans and Top were thrifted

I think it is quite obvious from my recent posts how much I am literally obsessed with any kind of mules/open back shoes. They are perfect for the upcoming season spring and summer. In addition to that combining them with anything from casual to chic to classic.. they are so versitile. Love them! Definetley one of my favorites this season and a must have for every closet. 

As some of you might have noticed I'm trying to get into the video vlog area and it is quite difficult to cope with it besides my blog and work and being a senior on top of it.. fingers crossed that I will graduate without any problems this year! 
Please have mercy on me if it is not as profeesional as some other youtubers...as most of you maybe don't know how much effort behind such a small video on youtube can be. Trying to upgrade myself within that youtube area.. hope you like my new OOTD post.

Wish you all a lovely week end.


New video: Styling Culottes !