Mar 30, 2014

Kiss me, before they turn the lights out.

Spring is coming and finally it's getting warmer and ,of course, on a sunny weather like this me and my bf spent our time outside on the Moda Coast. I was wearing black boots by BERSHKA, pants from TOPSHOP, the red check patterned shirt is from my boyfriend, black sweater also from BERSHKA and my necklace is from H&M.

I also went to the fashion week a couple weeks ago, Only DAY 1, because unfortunateley the weather was really bad and I still had to work and not to forget my classes at university, but the main reason why I stopped after DAY 1 was because of a little boy called BERKIN ELVAN(Berkin Elvan, boy aged 15, died due to coma induced by gas canister shot by police). I'm not going to talk about politics in Turkey on my blog but as you may already know, it's been quite chaotic in Turkey. There's no Humanity at all in this country. Once I heared the news about that little boy I was pretty shocked and thought it wouldn't be that ideal to go on some fashion shows while people are protesting and crying their souls for that little boy.
So after Day 1, there was no day 2,3,4,5.. hope you can understand me.
I have still some shots from Day 1 on which Berkin was still alive..

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 1



  1. What a gorgeous look! I love the plaid around the waist. So on trend right now!

  2. Cute outfit you look fabulous.

  3. great outfit!
    i hope you had fun at your day at fashion week
    i'm also hoping things get better in turkey!

  4. Great outfit!I like your style))Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  5. Tragic, what happened to Berkin. I understand how, when things happen, and when you live in a small-enough country to be affected by its problems, it takes away a part of the pleasure, if not all, in things you like to do.