Dec 11, 2014

Use Somebody

So Mango is on sale and of course I had to check it out! I bought these lovely black pants and combined them with some strappy heels which are also from Mango. My big slouchy cardigan and white top are from H&M. 

May I also schare something with you guys.. since I moved to this huge city I never thought that I would experience so much stuff just in one year. It is such a difference to the cities (which were tiny compared to İstanbul) where I lived before. You meet so many new people but though none of them makes you feel appreciated. I think people are used to being alone all time even though we live in such a big metropole with too many people. What is even stranger, they make you accept this too. At first I felt lost but with time you get used to it and actually it is sad that we are all getting used to this lifestyle of being selfish. One good thing is at least you know how it is to stand on your own feet as myself: I go to uni but work besides it. It's an awesome feeling being independet partially, but then I realized I've grown to much and maybe a little too early? I wish I could turn 16 again :D.. naah just kidding.. it's weird having so many feelings and thoughts at the same time. I sometimes reconsider if this is really the city I wanna live? Because I feel not really accepted as a woman, as a student.. Sometimes even your very bests make you feel misunderstood. It is really hard to explain and express yourself without being misunderstood here. Because people here are like lost trying to be modern but still sticking to their traditions. People celebrate new year's eve like christmas but don't even realize that the christmas tree symbolizes christians but at the same time they also celebrate ramaddan? That is confusing to me.. but as I said it before you accept it how it is, because you can't change these people. Besides this you always get confronted with the ''very rich'' and he ''very poor''.. these people are not able to find the middle.. either you are rich or poor. That's how they categorize you. It's hilarious, but at least I know that the most important thing about this is to keep your self-confidence high and stay true to yourself, because people will always try to make feel bad. People can be very rude. There are so many times when I just wanna be far far away from here but then I might miss it too because as I told you before: They get you used to it.



  1. Love ur long cardi!

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  2. so nice!! = ] ]

    kisses from Poland ;**


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  3. Sen çok ama çok güzelsin! <3 Ve İstanbul'un kaotikliği bir yerden sonra tamamen olağan geliyor insana; çevrende milyonlarca hayat varken her şey çok can sıkıcı ve boş gelebiliyor çoğu zaman, ama İstanbul öyle bir şehir ki, denizi izlemen, bir kahvede çayını içmen bile sana enerji verebiliyor!