Jan 29, 2015

Black on Black

Wearing: Heels - ZARA
Skirt - Gina Tricot
Shirt - ASOS
Necklace - H&M

It's been a couple of weeks again.. the passed days I've been struggling with my daily life. My finals are over, thank god. I wish I could skip my whole uni process. Well at least it's not that hard for me to handle both: work and uni. I kinda got used to it very well. 
Besides all of this I think I am getting more and more homophobic. I've met so many people in this city but I really don't get what it is that people can judge you that easily about your actions but not knowing who you are. Some of them think you're dumb but actually you are aware of everything. I don't have to be that person who everyone likes but I can see so many of my friends acting like that. Being fake just so people like you is hilarious for me but that's how they are and that's what I got used to again. I think I am just not that person who can change her personality for others. 

I wish people would raise their chldren how to happy instead of how to be rich in their future.

There are so many people around me who say they do not care about the money but deep inside of them I can see how they are controlled by it. They all have these money problems but that's again societie's fault. We should try to be happy about the little things, because that's what matters in the end.


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  3. Absolutely stunning! The combination is sophisticated and sultry. Totally perfect!

  4. Fantastic Look !!

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