Sep 1, 2016


01/09/2016 - 23:18, it is official! I finally changed the name of my blog. I started this blog when I was 16 and back in that time I wasn't really thinking much about how big of a deal the name of a blog was. The older I got I realised that the name doesn't really suit me anymore and so I changed it into Animustyle.
What it means? So the word Animus, comes from latin and means a lot of different things like life or courage etc., but most of all it means feeling and it is the meaning of my name which comes from turkish: Duygu. I had to add sth to it, unless it would have been a really boring name. So what came out was Animustyle.
It's been a while since I was working on this baby blog which never really had the chance to grow. There were times in my life where I lost the joy of blogging and I thought of it as sth. useless even though I was really enjoying it a lot. But not only in my blog I lost interest. I was not feeling very well recently and it had a lot of reasons. But after all big emotional phases in my life, I always find back to this little blog. I started a new era and it is going to be full of positivity and joy.
Hope you like this new post.
I was wearing:
Black dress and heels by H&m
White T-Shirt was thrifted

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