Dec 1, 2016

Acquire what you admire

Wearing: Culottes + Top from Bershka / Boots from Deichmann
For you to acquire what you admire and desire,
you should look out for thoughts inspiring
flash through your mind from time to time
Inspiration comes, follow it up with aspiration,
Aspire to be what you want to be and See yourself becoming that person
At leisure time, act like the person you admire and desire to be in all positive ways possible.
Allow not distraction, and whichever challenge you face, you can overcome it, no matter how great.
Get fired by perspiration, genius is one per cent inspiration
and ninety-nine perspiration.
Therefore acquire what you desire in life, by perspiring.
but should you get tired, just do one thing, refire, and always remember to keep on perspiring.
-Adeyemi Akin, Lagos

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